Welcome to the Andrew Simon Network

ABOUT: Andrew has developed many, many talents over the years.  He started playing music in high school (piano).  He earned an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from SUNY.  Andrew maintained a 4.0 average in earning his Maters of Science in Management of Technology from NYU-Polytechnic. 

His proficiency in technology led him away from a focus in biological research sciences, to a rewarding career in technology.  For the last 13 years, Andrew has been working in various Technology areas of a global financial market company. Andrew has also been playing music for 30 years, has been a paid performer, and has been recording since 2004.

TECHNOLOGY LEADER: To appreciate how much of a technology leader Andrew is, consider this site in his own name has been on the Internet since 2005.  Consider, he also owns the Technology-Leadership.com (TLC) site since 2005, as well.

While most people are only recently discovering 'social media' sites that allow users to customize a single page or two; Andrew customizes his own site with his own Cascading Style Sheet, his own PHP code, his own JavaScript code, his own MySQL back-end, his own RSS readers, and his own Paypal PTD (Payment Data Transfer) system, also written in PHP. 

To see the JavaScript and simple MySQL demos, the Wordpress FAQ he maintains, and AP RSS reader, visit his Technology Leadership (TLC) site.

To see his own custom built version of a social media site, which includes many nifty features like his own member registration system, Javascript selector of multiple RSS readers he wrote, and his own conferencing tool, go to his 1MYLIVE  site.

To see the Paypal PTD in action, you need to click on his Music Download pages, hosted here under asimon.net.  The PHP file streamer that forces the file to your browser as a mime attachment is also written by Andrew.   The paypal engine lives on his 1mylive.com site.